Girls, You ask a guy to hang out in a group because you sort of like him?

So you are having a group hangout and you decide to invite this guy you have seen around but don't really know, you hang out in a few groups and then he asks if you like him ( as you invited him ). What would you do?
  • Say you like him but still want to get to know him first
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  • Say you want to be friends
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  • Tell him you don't like him until you are sure
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  • Tell him you like him and want to go on a date
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  • Other
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What Girls Said 2

  • Depends if I like the guy also how long I've known him/since I've met him. Girls usually just want to get to know the guy to see if he's worth a friend or something else (possibly bf).

  • Just tell him when you are sure you like him.


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