Should I leave him because he refuse to go out with my friends?

Been dating for 2 months and are exclusive, he refuse to go out with my friends saying ti's not something he is ready to do.

I asked if that's because he is planning his exit and I'm just casual? he said I analyse it too much and said he never had to explain himself that much (not complaining tone) he goes he just not ready to hang out with friends. I yelled at him and say it should be your honor that im inviting you to do stuff instead of hiding you in the dark.

he said it's not personal and he is just not ready. I said ok ttyl and hung up, then call back said i know you are mad at me and we talked more.

He has introduced me to his sports team mate and even kiss me in front of them. I also met his best friend / roomate and he let me leave stuff at his place, But what's the big deal of going out with my friends or his friends?


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  • Maybe he's just nervous about meeting your friends. I don't know why you want to push him to do something he isn't ready for. It's not that big of a deal. He'll meet your friends eventually, just give him some more time, it's only been 2 months.

    • He has met them when he came pick me up. Ok I will give him more time since I already met his friends just got hang out with them.

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    • Well I don't think that would have anything to do with it. But yeah, it would still be a good idea to talk to him about all of this.

    • Ok I will when the moment is right. Right now I will just let him do all the contact

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  • Why should he meet your friends? They are not his friends. There is no need for it. He showed you that he's not hiding you by showing you to his friends. I am sure he didn't insist though so why do you? Why is it required that he meet them? If he hates them, what's gonna happen?

    • Too many guidelines that sat Ida guy reuse to meet your friends it's redflag

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    • I understand that it's getting to you. I don't understand why though. But if it's so important to you, make it known and if nothing is done about it, then leave...

    • I'm already checking out dating site

  • When he said he's not ready, he really meant that. It doesn't mean he doesn't ever wanna hang out with them, it just mean not right now.

    • Ok should I just drop the subject and never mention again? Cos I feel like everything is in his terms. If I wanna act like the bitch like he is I could've soar no I'm not ready to meet your basketballs teams

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    • Well don't suddenly change up how you are in the relationship either. Just assume he's trying his best and you should be the best you can in the relationship also. If you sorta just give up on him then the relationship will never progress.

    • True I will keep being myself. It's a good sign he text me when he gets in bed. Meaning I'm the last thought he has in the day.

  • I dated a girl for 2 years and never met her friends...

    • Why? Is that LDR? Are you Guys exclusives?

    • no it was not long distance at all, I met her in college. And yes we were exclusives since I said I dated her.

      Why? Because I was not interested in meeting them, I knew it would bring nothing specifically interesting in the relationship. I had nothing in common with her friends anyway (I knew a little bit about them).
      When she wanted to see them, then I would do my own things, but when we were together, I was considering this to be ["You & I only" time], so to speak. I wouldn't give a shit about anything else when with her.
      I already had to deal with her brothers.

    • If you know her brothers it's a good thing. Family > friends

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