Is it ok to have support from your husband/boyfirend about your insecurities?

Im not a very confident young woman nor i beleive im beautiful i dont have self love either due to issues with my parents who were Never satisfied with who i am...

but when my Partner tells me im beautiful and That im good at what i do at work i feel great and happy with myself but There is a major down side i feel extremly insecure is he says another girl is pretty or hot i Just break down and cry a river i get so damn scared if He admires another girl... please dont think im a freak im not but those fears kill me...


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  • Don't ever get upset if he compliments another girl. What he's saying is she's hot!! But it means YOU are hotter!! YOU are the girl he wants to be with, not her!

    I would guess that you have a very loving nature. I think you are very lucky to have a decent SO to support you. Listen to what he's saying about you. Feel how he treats you. That will tell you that you should have no worries at all!!


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  • If a husband or boyfriend's viewpoint on you is what fuels your self-esteem then you will always be insecure and conditionally love yourself. Women should love themselves unconditionally. This means that a guy's perspective on what we have, who we are, and our capabilities should not be conditions which determine how confident and self-loving we are. The reality is that men are destructible: they can be burnt to death in a fire, crushed to death in a car accident, or even have their blood cells betray them with Cancer. If that doesn't happen, their eyes and hearts may wonder. Men can be taken away from you whether it's from life or at the hands of another woman or by the idea of a possibility. At best, men are not a reliable presence in a woman's life because they can be there one day and gone the next and you are entirely powerless to control that.

    So what you need to do is humbly accept that you are a work in progress yet don't forget about the progress part lol In order to actually PROGRESS, you need to start choosing new ways of thinking, new habits, and a new path of life. Stop heading down the path that leads you to an insecure, anxious emotional wreck if your man acknowledges another woman's beauty and start choosing the path where you remain self-loving and resilient no matter what any other woman possesses. In addition to assertively letting him know you feel disrespected when he talks about other women a certain way, also begin telling yourself affirmations and reminding yourself of all the reasons you have to appreciate yourself. Start constructing self-love and a more positive self-image that is not reliant on your boyfriend.


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  • It is good for your partner to support you and try to help you with your insecurities. However, ultimately, you are the only one in control of this and if you rely on someone else to raise your self-esteem, you will forever be disappointed and insecure. Self-esteem must come from within. It's really something you need to work on yourself. You can't let other people constantly be the only source of your happiness and confidence.

  • You're suppose to have support from him but he shouldn't be the source of confidence or self esteem from him.

    • Im recently dating some one he makes me fer wonderful and beautiful... in the past i tried so hard to like myself but i could not... is This self destructive?

    • Yeah, cause if he leaves you won't be feeling that way about yourself anymore

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