HELP! I think I chased a guy too much and now he's backed off. How can I get him to chase me again?

I've been on three dates with a guy. I've initiated some of the texting and one date. I also asked him to come out with my friends one night. That was 4 days ago. I haven't heard a text from him since. He doesn't normally text me everyday we have gone 2-3 days without talking before but this time i'm worried me making plans twice in a row has revered the dynamics and now he's taking a step back. If I just don't tect him will he return? He seemed into me for a while.


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  • Some guys are rubber bands. The more space you give him, the stronger he'll come back. You haven't heard from him in 4 days, I'd send him a text to say hi, and if he returns it, just take it from there. If you guys have gone 2-3 days without talking before, I'd hardly say that's chasing him.


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  • Delete his number.

    Delete all trace of his number off your phone.


    If he contacts you within another day then respond.

    If he contacts you after this then delete and ignore text (unless genuine reason - as in he has died). If he texts back again after this... then this is a hint of interest. Even then it might be because he wants to see if he still has you on lockdown..
    tread with caution thereafter..

    If he doesn't contact you... he's just not that into you.

    Don't chase guys! Whatever people tell you it makes it boring and easy for them. Just show enough interest that they know you are interested. None of this taking charge too early on. Guys you have to chase don't like you enough to make you their girlfriend.

    Mine is an unpopular opinion on this site but try it because it is a good way to test if he really likes you.


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  • On your next date wear something sexy Lol and then try to flirt. And once he tries to have sex. Tell him no and leave 😂😂 Lol he will be calling you for a date soon

  • Try a text - or better yet, a call - asking him if everything is OK.

  • Walk away...

    • Will that get him back?

    • Nope but it will help you regain self confidence. That's all you need. Best

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