Is she trying to get my Attention or want me to be her Slave?

I have a girl in my class, she sits in ahead row of mine, we dont really talk. but I guess she likes me.
So whenever there is break in between the class, she goes out and comes back within 5 mins...
Now I pull the chair for her because there is lack of space, so whenever I pull the chair when she goes out and comes in, she kinda feels happy and says thnx to me.
So why girls do this kinda behaviour? They want to be cared? or they want to be feel protected? Or just some attention?


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  • So you dont talk. Why you think she likes you? Maybe she likes your good manners. Dont think too much of it. Ask yourself: do i want her to seek my attention or i am fine pulling her chair everyday in exchange for a brief thanks and a smile (wow such slavery). If you like her, well, i think you've scored a few points by now, no harm in engaging in conversation (even more so considering she may -i doubt it- be trying to call your attention with such childish trick)

  • she just wants attention.


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