Why does she hide her boyfriend saying he is just a friend when he does things only a boyfriend would do?


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  • Well are you really boyfriend and girlfriend? Did someone make a commitment to. the other?

    If not then she is free to do whatever and probably isn't that into you if she doesn't tell others you are together

    • no she asked me to hangout with her in fact so i did we had a good time on the date i really liked her she said her "fruebd " was taking her on a vacation so I'm not sure if she's single or not if she's not single i think i will have otsingle and i should back off but if she's no

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    • i know she's not my girlfriend she's somebody else's yet she's talkin

    • i guess by what your saying she doesn't like the guy she's already with

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  • Without more facts, anyone who answers this question is merely taking a wild guess.

    • i took her out on a date i know it went well i asked her about her plans and she said her friend is taking her on ager on atrip to sancfransisco she was

    • She doesn't want you to think that he is a threat to any possible relationship that you might contemplate with her. She could be getting ready to leave him, she could be seeing you to get revenge because she caught him cheating. Bottom line: if a relationship begins with lies, do you have any reason to expect that it will get better over time?

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  • She don't think of you as her boyfriend. She's just using you.

  • theyre not official maybe.

    • I thought she was saying the guy she was talking about was her boyfriend so i mentioned it and called him her boyfriend then she got turned off i wish i wouldn't of said that because she kind of dodged the question. So is she not into this guy or is she into me?

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