Guys, signs boyfriend doesn't love me anymore?


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  • He does things that piss you off with more frequency. Usually when guys don't like a girl anymore, they'll intentionally piss off the girl until she wants to break up with him; then he doesn't feel as bad for breaking up because now its mutual

    • Does that include creating a fight over little/stupid things?

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    • I hope it's the second one. But what if he seems to be less interested in my opinions and only value his own, especially in an argument? (Which was different from the time I spent getting to know him before we were in a relationship) could this be another way? Sorry for asking a lot of questions, thanks for your help

    • The hypothetical you pose is difficult because he could be focused on his own opinion because he's either determined to end the relationship, or he's determined to steer the relationship in the direction that wants. In either case, it sounds stubborn; and the question for you is whether you will compromise to keep the relationship, or stand firm in order that your interests aren't compromised in the relationship.

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  • When he changes, has an attitude, start lying, maybe changing his routine, and when he starts acting very weird, cold distant and funny. Those would be signs to me that he is not in love with you and doesn't want to be with you anymore.

    • And what about the things I said in the comments for the opinion below?

    • Some people will twist things and make it look like its your fault when it is not. Your boyfriend seems to be doing this. I think in his own way he likes you but he needs to chill out with his behavior. He has no right to start fights and do weird and crazy things to you. And thinking he is right all the time. He seems very egotistical.

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