I'm scared he's forgotten me over the summer, but after an unanswered text I'm too scared to contact him and find out for sure... what should I do?

I met a guy who I was insanely attracted to last year, I never thought he would ever be interested in me. I didn't care if he wasn't interested, I was just happy occasionaly getting to sit next to him and make small talk or helping him if he need it in class. I was expecting the acquaintance-ship to fizzle out like usual when the semester ended, but we ended up in the same class again. Then over the next few months some things happened... We began what I can describe as an off and on flirtationship where we lost our virginities to each other?

I find it hard to understand what/where we are. That's not the main issue though. I'm scared that he'll forget about me over the summer, and I won't get to pursue this weird "relationship" further.

Despite the fact that we lost our virginities to each other and can talk just find to each other in person, I find it hard to just text/call him outside of "Can I come over?" I finally mustered up the confidence to text him asking if he was still in town because I thought I might try to visit, but he never answered... it's been months since I sent the text. I realize that people forget to text back or they're just busy, but there's always that insecure little voice in the back of my head. In fear of being annoying I haven't tried to text him since and am currently unable to because he's in his country right now.

He's an international student so he stays on campus over the summer. I spent my last night on campus with him and we had a good time. The next morning he woke up to tell me to have a safe trip and that I could come over whenever (unfortunately had to tell him I wouldn't be able to due to transportation issues). Despite ending on a good note, I'm scared that he's just lost all interest in me in the span of 3 months.

He's returning to the US in about a week or a few days (he told me the exact date but I forgot). When I think he's here I'm want/plan to call him, but as the date gets closer I'm starting to chicken out.


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  • I can understand your anxiety. This is important to you. I think all you can do at this point is try to contact him when you think he's in the country, even though your hands may be shaking the whole time. In reality, there is nothing to lose by trying, and everything to gain. Good luck! Let us know what happens.


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