Guys and girls, what are your opinions on adding a girl and talking to a her for the first time on Facebook?

I think it's lame to talk to a girl for the first time on Facebook. It's definitely better to approach her in real life to come across as the confident alpha male who isn't afraid to pursue what he wants face to face. It also gives a better impression. I'm seeking especially girls' opinions here


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  • Dude, there's nothing wrong with talking with a girl via facebook first. Some may even preffer it, is a gentler approach than having a "confident alpha male" landing randomly on her.

    • So i guess you prefer Facebook. It's not like i'm gonna randomly approach a girl like a fool. I try to subtly hint that i'm interested, look for the right signs and act on approach invitations. Facebook's kind of fake to me. There's a huge difference between social media and real life. People are never the same online.

    • I prefer normal chat face to face, then facebook, then romantic/sexual approach in person. Is about getting someone emotionally prepared, make them wonder "uh, i think he likes me". We girls tend to dwell on things way too much, so getting us interested little by little is more effective, since our own minds will do 40% of the work.

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  • nothing if you just chat on there. but if you spend everyday just texting on there and not meeting in person then you got a problem.


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