Ski trip with boyfriend?

My boyfriend is very very wealthy. He's grown up that way and hasn't had to work a day in his life. However, I didn't grow up that way. My parents always had enough money, but I didn't get the royal treatment. I have to work for what I want. My parents bought me a jeep but I have to pay for it monthly/maintenance while he got a Range Rover as a birthday gift. Recently, my boyfriend rented a condo for us to go snowboarding for a week. I would only have to pay to rent my snowboard, shoes, and the lift tickets. Added up, that would be over 500$ I only work part time since I'm in school, and I usually put my pay checks into savings. He doesn't think 500$ is a big deal and we fought over this because to me it is!! Should I go or not? I'm stressing over this money


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  • you should go.


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