If you are shorter than your date, does it bother you if she wears heels?

i like this guy who is a couple inches shorter than me and for new years he invited me to a party and I want to wear heels but I don't want to intimidate him or look awkward around him. any advice? should I just wear the heels and be fashionable? or should I go with flats and not look as sexy?


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  • I applaud and salute you for liking a guy shorter than you. Most girls do not have the gumption to like a guy shorter than her. The excuse of it looking awkward him being shorter than her is typical. The fact that he has invited you to a New Year's party means your height isn't a factor to him. He may, as I do, immensely enjoy looking up into the eyes of a taller girl. It wouldn't be an insult to him if you asked him if he would have a problem with you wearing high heels to the party. Just don't say why you're asking that question.


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  • One of my ex's was only 3 cm taller than me and I remember he felt a bit akward when I wore my 10-12 cm heels.

    On the other hand, one of my friends dated a guy who was a few cm's shorter than her and he loved when she wore her high heels. He wasn't bothered one bit.

    I guess it depends on the man.

    BUT I'm really curious to see what the guys will answer!