She might be dating someone else, should I tell her I like her?

i seen her walking away with a guy, im sure she's dating him as its unlikely to be a friend of hers. but im sure she likes me (she smiles, laughs, stares at me, always iniates convo, calls me babe etc) and i never told her. she hasn't done anything wrong like? she is single and must have though im not intrested and moved on, should i tell her i like her? or just leave it and move on?


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  • Tell her how you feel.


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  • If you are so sure that she is dating someone then it is best to save it and move on, it is not worth getting your feelings hurt. Nothing will happen if she's in a relationship. But if she is not dating then take a shot! It's better to know, then to be left wondering what could've been.

    Just make sure to check if she is dating or not.

    • im not sure, i just seen her walking away with a guy

    • Could be just a friend. Therefore don't wait for your opportunity to close up and go for it.

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  • Ask if she is seeing anyone, and if she's not ask her out. Worst case is she says she is with someone or no to going out. Better to regret asking than regret not asking.


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