When someone younger than you flirts with you?

I like older women i think they are more developed, experienced, and they know what they want.
I usually like women maximum of 15 years older than me,

This is mostly towards older females but younger onescan answer too.
(if you are younger just make it a what if question like; what if a younger person flirted with you)

How do you feel when someone younger than you flirts, likes you? im the type to flirt with my teachers if they are in my age range or if i like them, most of them ignored it or were married the closet i eve got to dating one of my teahers was her facebook page.. anyways i still like when i see older single women i flirt a lot they flirt back until they find out im like 15 years younger than them... So how do you feel about it i want a women who is sure of me not one who is really young and going to waste my time so do you care if he's younger than you?


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  • Dude at least give a try to date somebody around your range of age group, it would hurt. And maybe you might fine someone mature enough you can date.


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