Does this sound appropriate for our age difference?

I met this guy over vacation and we started messaging to get to know each other. The only issue is, I found out he is 24 while I'm only 17. We're not going to start dating, but he did ask me to go on a date before he returns home - meaning our relationship would most likely not continue and would end with this one date. It would be during the day in a public setting with my friend who is my age and her boyfriend who is 18 in the area with us. He seems like a nice guy and hasn't said anything too forward (besides asking me on this date). It sounds like fun, and I do like him. Does this situation sound ok?
Hey so I know everyone thought this guy would be a rapist but I'm happy to report it was the best date I've ever been on and I've never gone out with a guy who was such a gentleman:)


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  • Sounds okay to me.
    It's just 7 years lol
    I mean... my dad's 5-... oh god he's 56 ... he's getting old ohh god.
    My ma is 43... shit...
    That's a 13 year difference and oh man what a couple they are lol
    I mean... if people agree with EVERYTHING each other on , it just turns into a circle jerk and that's BOOORIIINNNG , gotta have some difference to make the sparks fly man.


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  • No offense, but it's abnormal and inappropriate for a man that old to be taking interest in an adolescent who doesn't even have a high school diploma let alone relate to him on the levels of adulthood. It's a MAJOR red flag. The situation doesn't sound okay at all. He's most likely planning to use you for sex and has been jacking off to teen porn so now he has a face and body to attach to his fantasy. Pretty gross.


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  • Ask your dad.

    • My dad passed when I was younger so that could be an issue for me, aha.

    • I'm very sorry. I was flip. My bad. Look, it's unclear how old you are,17 or 20 as your profile says, but either way, you're old enough to date. The danger for you comes in the sense of being exposed to danger. YOu need to be safe, and it sounds like you have plans to do that, but plans change, sometimes little by little until they are so far from the original plan that they are unrecognizable. If you have a safe plan, then discuss it with whoever is your parent or guardian. Present the ups and discuss then downsides. Then decide.

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  • It sounds like trouble. Guys grnerally don't wanna go on just one date with girls if there's not sex involved. You're underage. I'd leave it alone.

    • That's what I was afraid of as well, but we wouldn't have a place to go... we're going to a big city, far from my house, far from where he is actually staying, and will be in public (very touristy areas) the whole time.

    • You don't know what this guys got on his mind. If he's an out of towner you don't know much about that makes you an easy target. These situations can be unpredictable. And just figure what do you think he's trying to get out of this? You're obviously smart enough to mskr your own choices.. im just saying be careful! Girls go misding all the time esp on vacay and your life is precious

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