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A guy I've been talking to says he wants to be with me thinks about all the time. Calls me baby and tells me he loves me. And i asked me if i was ready for marriage because he sees a future with me. Yesterday their was some issues at his job and tday he saying maybe we should fall back. When i asked him why his reason was i get upset easy. I explained that i hate txting and sometimes i'll rush a text message and it might seem that way but its not. His haa been the same to where it seem like he had an attitude. Is he using this to break things off with me? Or is it possible he's talking to someone else? Or is it because of his problem at work? He hasn't responded back. What should i do?
How can guys say they have deep feelings and want a future with you. And then decide they want to fall back?


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  • Give him space.

    • How can a guy say he has all these feelings. And all of a sudden. Wants to fall back?

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