How can I become attractive to girls if I'm ugly?(noone anwered before)?


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  • Have a new make over of clothes.

    • I dress fine or so I've heard

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    • Well every girl I like calls me ugly tho thats why I'm worried

    • Just find the ones who don't called you ugly and ask them on dates, the nice one.

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  • Invest in yourself. Pick up new hobbies and actively persue them. Doing things like traveling, learning how to play an instrument, learning a new language, and reading, will make you interesting. It will also give you a lot to talk to about with women who are interested in the same things. When you master skills and know what you're talking about it, it comes accross as confidence, because it is.

    If women can't help but talk to you because you're interesting, they won't want to get away from you either. First impressions (like looks) can change, and feelings can develop over time.

    Looks help, but being an interesting and well rounded person is really sexy to most women.


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  • Buy stylish clothes and most importantly work out and get fit. Having a nice body makes a big difference.

    • I work out but that takes years before you look any good

    • not years, you must be doing something wrong. Also, that's it? You give up that easily? Just because it's hard and takes time you give up, smh.

    • I never said I give up and I'm gaining already gained 27 pounds in the last year but thats s good as it gets and progress slowed down a ton from there its just how it is you can't build an amazing body in a few months it usually takes 5+ years unless you do steroids of course

  • If you already thinks negative about yourself, how will others perceives you?

    • I don't know I hide it pretty well and people think I'm confident but girls think I'm ugly so

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