I'm close to giving up on this guy, but should I wait a little longer?

So this guy I'm friends with on FB messaged me and we started having a huge, deep conversation even though it was super late. I had never met him before, but we went to the same highschool and had some of the same friends. Anyway, he asked if I wanted to go out and I said yes. We were gonna go to a park the next morning. So morning comes and he messages me saying his sister had to go out and asked him to babysit her kids. Normally I'd say right away that he was trying to bail, but with him I didn't think so because his family is just really important to him. He also said that he still wanted to go out and that he'd message me later when he was free. That was almost 3 weeks ago now. After the first week I messaged him and basically asked how babysitting went. I wasn'g going to make him initiate everything, after all. Only, when he finally replied it was really breif and seemed (at least to me) uninterested. So after that I decided I'd just let him contact me in his own time. Except its been so long now that I'm seriously considering giving up on him ever getting back to me. Or is this some weird/natural thing that guys do?


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  • Just give up.


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