Where is this going, what is he trying to get at or am I just a push over?

My current situation is a bit confusing and no idea if I'm in fact just dumb for letting it happen. My ex and I have been in communication for quite awhile at first it's been just me comforting and encouraging with any situation or dilemma he may have examples are from women, work, school or just randomly talking about nothing. But all at the same time he would talk me into thinking or assuming that something between us is still possible or will eventually become something more. The thing is I feel empathy and I just want to help with whatever he may need not that I feel like I have to but I legitimately want to help him. What is he getting out of just leading me on, is he actually thinking of something serious in the future or perhaps I'm just naive and galable for believing false promises. Should I just end it and let it fade in time What are the options that I can take. I would be totally fine with being friends if only he wouldn't want to have innercorse whenever we're together not that it's all his fault I also engage in it as well... any opinions are very much helpful


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  • Exs are exs for a reason. How do you expect to ever move on in life if he is always calling you for stuff?

    Tell him to find someone else to talk to, and you need to move on. Life is short, don't waste it.

    • Does it make a difference if he was the one that broke up with me?

    • No, the end is still the same. You are done, you aren't together. Time to move on with your life.

    • Ok thank you for your honesty and opinion

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