Am I in the friend zone?

So I hang out over the weeken with a guy friend who I have a crush. He knows how I feel but he didn't recepricate back like I though! I started seeing someone else and I told him about him. He told me to not rush into anything but he will keep me in his prayers and he wished nothing but the best. He seemed different after I told him I was seein someone, I don't want mind to keep playin tricks and keep my hopes up. When we said our goodbyes he hug me and told me we should have lunch or dinner in the near future, as he was walking me to my car. I honestly don't know what to do because I really have strong feelings for him but I feel I am in the friend zone. He told me to keep in touch I had his # I told him sure will do!


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    A categorical label placed on a woman when the calculated risk of Holy-Shit-She-Might-Be-Crazy multiplied by the Degrees of Attractiveness Away From a Ten is more than the probability of She-Might-Give-Me-Amazing-Blowjobs-and-Drive-Me-Anywhere-I-Want.

    • sad but true.

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  • Too hard to tell. Your best bet is to ask him out.


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  • We tend not to do that.

    I'd venture to say you're unattractive.


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