Would you date a guy based on weight? Help with other questions?

Girls, i am slightly chubby, i'd say i'm above average looking, But it seems whoever i like or would like to get into a relationship they say no. I assume it's because of my size (i'm curently trying to lose weight). I live i maine where usually see "big people". I know some women like big guys but it seems i usually get friend zoned, to be honest i've only had one relationship which was long distance. (She ended up finding someone in her town so she broke up with me). I know this works both ways (honestly i'm into thin girls slightly chubby isn't a problem) but "big girls" aren't my preference and i usually see things on fb about curvy women and such or i actually know a girl that shares post about (guys perspective)"girls always say that men are all the same, actually one of the good guys is one that you friendzoned" she goes and says "if we say no and we don't like you that way it's not my fault" she never talks about having "dicks" as boyfriends. I'm gonna be a junior in highschool, last year i asked a girl to homecoming and she said yes (she has a gay friend which asked her to go with him) And her mother knew about him but she then told her mom about me abd didn't want her going with me. I did'nt end up going even though we probably still could've went to together. Anyway i'm planning on asking her again but slightly sucks is my friend kinda dated her (didnt last long) and i told him about but he was planning the same thing (still has feelings for her) What should i do/deal with this?


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  • Better go on, you havenothing to lose , aansyou have more chance than your freind who jst broke up ( cuz now she thinks he's ├ádick , unless she still have feelingsbfor him), anyway , try everything you can withiut hesitating , if you don't , you'll regret it ^^ , goodluck


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