Do you guys know a good romantic movie about the relationship with an older woman and a younger boy?

Yeah so, do you guys know that ind of movie. Here are the examples:
1. The Lifeguard (this is about a girl who is 29 fell in love with a boy who's 16 but this is a good one)
2. Adore (it'S about two mother who fell in love with each others boys)
3. Whle we were here (this ones's about a woman who bored eith her ordinary life fell in love with a boy who lives in an island this is a jamie blackley movie)
So can you guys help me?


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  • i only know few from anime/manga

    manga: natsu no zenjitsu

    anime: Garden of words

    • thanks but actually I hate manga & anime

    • i see , i knew some more who r not anime/manga , but i think it looks more like erotic than romantic lol

  • How about The Graduate


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