Girls, Why shy guys have a hard time getting girls , even if they are Handsome-looking?

Despite their handsome looks, they have a hard time to get a girl to date or even get laid.

Are shy guys most of the time doomed with girls?

your opinion.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Because a lot of them are socially awkward and/or have Asperger's, because they are scared of looking at girls much less speak to them and God forbid asking them out.
    Girls can't ever know if they like them because they are frightened of showing any interest.
    By these terms - it seems unlikely any girl will ask a shy guy out unless she's determined to get to know him and make a conscious effort.
    Most girls (as humans in general) like to feel desired and admired.
    With a shy guy this doesn't happen.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yeh because how can you be successful with a girl if you are too shy to talk to her? She won't even know you like her.

  • A guy should over come his fear with a girl that they like.


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