Girls, How do you like being approached by a guy?

Well, there is a girl at school I really like. We lost contact during summer. We knew each other and a long time ago she liked me for sure but things faded and I don't think she likes me anymore. We worked on the final project together and it went well. I think she likes me as an acquaintance. I really like her and want to ask her out. I don't know if she is still single (honestly I doubt it) but if she is, how would you like to be approached. She is beautiful, like hot hot. She is really nice and polite, popular, and smart and always on the polite side with me. I am a little off, smart, not too popular: a floater, not good in school, awkward, "pretty cute"(her words in April). How would you like to be approached in this situation. Im going into Senior year. Feel free to be crazy!


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  • Yes most girls do like to be approached. I personally hate approaching guys just because im pretty shy. But I think you should ask her out. Just say something like " Hey wanna go see a movie this weekend?" Or something casual like that


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