I really like this guy but I need advice?

We met at a party on Saturday. It wasn't a big party. It was just a couple people really. There was a little alcohol involved and I had never even really drank before. This guy and I stayed decently sober. We still knew what was going on and everything. When it came time to sleep, we ended up cuddling all night. We didn't do anything else, just cuddled. The next morning, he got up and came back and went back to cuddling with me (completely sober at this point).

I got his number the next day from a mutual friend and we talked a little. We decided to hang out and we got frozen yogurt. He paid and we talked for a while. I had never been on a date before so I felt a little awkward and couldn't think of much to say. I wasn't even sure if it was a date.

Our mutual friend sent him a few texts asking about what all happened and if it was a date. He called it a date and I'm happy with that. The only thing is, I don't know where to go from here. I really like him but I know he's super busy with college stuff and he doesn't really like to text so I just need advice. Thank you all!


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  • just keep talking.

    • I always have to be the one who texts him first and then I'm afraid that I'm being annoying or something. I don't talk to guys much. This was my literal first date.

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    • He replies once he's read it but it takes a while. I haven't really timed it but the last time we were texting about our date it a was just a few minutes.

    • it seems like he really likes you. next time you see him, get him alone and ask him where he wants things to go. don't show excitement in anyway just because he says a few things you wanna here, it's a tactic players and abusers use.

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  • So there was no adult supervision and you guys spent the night? *hard to believe* I used to troll so I can spot one.

    • Everyone else there was over 18. I'm a few months from 18 myself. It was the first party I had ever gone to and the rule was if you drank, you weren't allowed to drive. So yes, to prevent drunk driving we spent the night.

    • If you can't hold your beer don't drink it.

    • Actually don't drink at all. You're a minor!

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