How to not make things any more awkward?

Short: Even though we meet 5-6 times a week, we don't have a friendly interaction in person, let alone talking. But we do chat online like we're really good friends, and also exchange notes. With every interaction, it's getting really weird and awkward. How do I stop getting it any worse? I'm not the type of guy who's very good at talking to new girls, I'm kinda shy actually at first.


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  • If you want limits, you should tell the girl then.


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  • awkward in what way?
    maybe you guys are starting to have feelings for each other or maybe one of you is getting the wrong vibe.

    • She has this on-and-off thing with her ex, so I don't think she has any feelings for me. I do find her cute & attractive but I don't have any feelings either.

      I'm shy with mostly all new girls I meet. It's not just her actually.

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    • We chat online like we're really good friends. But in person, we do not interact at all. She sometimes gives me hi "looks" but since I'm shy, I do nothing. And I "feel" that it's getting awkward.

    • well, you can start talking to her in person, break out of ur shell and not be shy around her.
      or stop talking to her online so things aren't awkward in person.

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