My boyfriend is addicted to meth and we leave in 4 days to go to Hawaii. I'm in love with him but so unhappy, but he says we'll be clean and happy?

I've known him since middle school. Knew him before he started doing drugs and as a clean, beautiful human being. He got sent away to rehab for a year and I wrote letters to him. He got better, happy, buff, and was super motivated to stay clean. Then he came back and we started dating. But with him coming back, quickly he fell back into his old patterns. Being in this huge city we live in, his access is everywhere. It's made him ugly and become someone I know he's not, but he does it almost every few days. He's become skinny, angry, depressed, and dissapointing. Our plans rarely follow through and we end up sitting on his bed while I watch him smoke the crap. We don't even go on dates anymore. Now we are leaving to move to Hawaii because we believe in such a beautiful place, we can possibly get happy? I'm feeling so terrified. And I'm just so fucking depressed myself. What would you do? Truly think about if you loved this person like no other, and his family won't help when you try to get him help. He refuses your help. Do you really think us going will help us? :(


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  • You need to break up with him until he is clean and in a recovery program & tell him that's why you are breaking up. Go to an Al Anon meeting.


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  • He's the only one who can get himself clean. Sometimes loving someone means having to let them go and find their on way. Otherwise you'll always be unhappy.


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  • Try and get him to clean up his act if he doesn't break up with him.


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