Guys, it's important can you help me?

On Monday I saw this guy working at McDonalds. He always looked at me and I always looked back. My mum asked me if i would kow him because she noticed that too. I am 16 and he is18 years old. by accident i found his facebook page, we started texting an so on. He always told me that I am so pretty and so cute. i told him on Wednesday I would go to McDonalds with a friend bc I haven't seen her for ages and he was like "when will you come?" I told him that it will be between 11 and 12 am. then he said "yea lets meet at about 10 am. in your hometown!"
I was so excited and said "sure but you have to talk to me a lot bc I'm a very shy person and as I know myself I wouldn't be able to say much haha" he replied "So then I'll just kiss you so you don't have to talk"
We haven't made up a specific place and time we said we will text the next morning again.
The next morning I was waiting and waiting suddenly at 10:40am. I got the message "sorry I was sleeping" I answered "Doesn't matter" after a few messages we ended up only sending kiss emojis to each other. After a few emojis he read the last I texted him and went offline.
At McDonalds I went to the queue of another guy bc it was much shorter. My friend told me after I got my food he always looked at me when I went to the table.
He didn't text me since then and I don't know waht to do :( I really like him. Am afraid that he would think that I a clingy or desperate if I text him. I don't kow if I should text him or snapchat him or maybe even forget about this whole thing.
What are your opinions and what do you think I should do? :)


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  • I don't think he will think of you as desperate if you text him, go ahead and text him see what happens.


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