My friend says she's a homewrecker. I see it differently,?

My friend Jasmine is basically seeing a guy that already has a girlfriend. The guy and his girlfriend have been on/off for 2 years. jasmine and I best friend Brianna says that Jasmine is a home worker and should stop immediately however I say that we are in high school they obviously not going to be together outside of high school so I say why the hell not I feel like : I will respect your relationship just as much as you respect your relationship, but if you dont respect your girlfriend or your current relationship... Then why should I? Why should Jasmine?
and to top it all off he is only with her for sex no one takes the relationship seriously not even him so why shouldn't she just do what she wants before we graduate high school were seniors this is our last year I say go big or go home. Are you in or are you out?
Brianna is right... in a way. it is wrong to see a guy who already has a girlfriend however I feel like if the guy doesn't care then Neither should you.
If you haven't guessed I was in the same situation a couple months ago but he actually left her for me. But thats another story.
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  • This looks more like a rant than anything else and also you need to work on your grammer, but to answer your question I agree with you. Jasmine should be able to date whoever she wants. As a friend you can give advice, but you shouldn't tell someone what to do


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