What do think is an acceptable age gap for teens under the legal age of consent?

I'm just curious and I see this topic debated a lot. So let's assume that theirs a teen boy and a girl that's a couple they are both under the legal age of consent, and let's also assume that they are deeply in love and will stay together when they reach the legal age of consent. There will be a period where one of them is not legal yet unless they both have the same birth day and birth year (which is not possible).

What do you think is an acceptable age gap for teens under the legal age of consent? Thoughts and comments welcome, thanks.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If they don't want to wait too long to have sex once one of them is at the age of consent, I'd say same age or 1 year difference.


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What Girls Said 6

  • 2 or 3 years. Any more than that and it gets questionable. 3 years can make a huge difference in those developmental years.

  • 1 year max. That also goes for 18 year olds dating individuals who are already under the age of consent once they've started dating.

  • I think as long as its consensual then its not really important.

  • 1 year tops but my 15 almost 16 year old brother is dating a 13 year old... that's kinda gross

    • Why do you think so?

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    • Yes, age is the strongest argument when you don't have other ones. Don't take it as a "I'm 14, not 12" kind of thing, but I hardly find people close my age who I can have proper discussions with.

    • I have a relative who started dating a 15 year old boy when she was 12.

      They've been together since then, just had a baby. Both in their 20's now.

  • lol im older than my boyfriend by a few months he so was jokingly calling me a pedophile

  • Other- 3 years just feels appropriate


What Guys Said 3

  • The whole point of the age of consent is the recognition that persons under a certain age are deemed incapable of consenting to sex. It would be illogical to say that a fifteen-year-old is capable of consenting to sex with a fifteen-year-old but not with a thirty-year-old. Someone else's incapacity doesn't erase one's own incapacity.

    That said, that's a different question from the question of what should happen when both parties are under the age of consent.

    • Let's assume the girl is 17 and the boy is 18.

    • I think the age of consent should be 16, maybe even 15. But, whatever it is, it should be enforced. And I think, by the way, that the age of criminal responsibility should be the same age. As for enforcing it when both parties are underage, I think the first option should probably be court orders separating the two.

    • Well that law's original intent is to keep child predators at bay, like a 25 year old man dating a 15 year old girl sort of a thing. But if it's only a 1 or 2 year age difference then it shouldn't be a punishable offense.

  • If they have a relationship that dates back for a substantial amount of time, with sincere feelings of love and affection for each other that lasted years or months before sex ever came into the equation, then I don't see anything wrong with a 3-4 year age gap even. If these people have a real connection with one another, and love each other tremendously on a mental & spiritual level–on levels far beyond physical attraction and sexual tension–then what real damage will actually be done by them having sex for the first time with each other? It only becomes harmful when the older partner preys on the underage partner as a sexual predator.

  • I'm under the legal age of consent and I wouldn't feel comfortable dating anyone who wasn't a year above or below me.


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