Why does he want to hang out after two months of no contact?

this guy and I hung out two months ago, I didn't know him very well but, he came over and...he started doing some stuff I wasn't comfortable with, I made him stop and he left. now, two months later, even though we haven't talked since the incident, he randomly wants to hang out again. why?

he is being really sweet and seems concerned about an injury I have and remembers all these small things I said a few months ago.


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  • He tried to do some stuff you weren't comfortable with, then when you made him stop, he didn't have anything to do with you till you were injured? O.o Sounds like maybe he thinks you're in a vulnerable state at the moment, and would be less inclined to tell him no this time around. Hopefully I am wrong though. Either way, I'd be cautious hon.


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