Beginning of the school year and don't know how to talk to boys! I know it sounds boring but please help! THANK YOU! I don't know what to do?

The school year just started this year. I'm a junior and I'm taking a college credit class which has more seniors then juniors. I think one of the seniors in my class is really cute. We had study hall together last year but never talked but in class this year I've seen him look over at me multiple times and I know its me because there isn't anyone else in my direction. We got our lab partners and set up today. So my partner (my friend) are partners and he's right behind us. And sharing with some other guys I know. Problem for me is I'm really quite unless someone comes up to me and starts talking to me. Now since its the beginning of the year I'm not in any rush but I want some ideas to get his attention and get a friendship that would maybe develope into more. Since he's a senior and I'm a junior I feel like I need to start soon. I've thought of things like asking for notes and stuff but I feel like my anxiety will stop me. I've never had a boyfriend and I only have 1 guy friend that I've known my whole life. The senior doesn't seem like he talks a lot to the people in the class, I think because he's not friends with anyone in the class. And I know this isn't for a while but I really want to be asked to prom. Please help me! What gets a guy to come talk to you? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
I forgot to mention that we have assigned seats and I'm not next to him
Today he was really obvios about staring a to even because there isn't anyone behind me and when i looked over to my friend I see eye quickly flicked away


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  • "Hey whats up? Im anonymous. how is your day going?" Then have a list of topics that you want to talk about. Some of the things I have on my list for talking to new girls is"

    What do you do for you? What is your favorite TV show? Whats your dream job. I will also talk about my trip to Vegas or the time I went skydiving.

    If the convo goes well offer to exchange numbers. And remember, high school guys are more scared of you than you are of them


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  • Maybe you should say something simple to him first like "Do you know what time it is?" And do it in a flirty way. And then maybe he will talk back


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  • just try and smile at him. be near him and work up the courage to say hello, ask him how his weekend was

  • just tell him to help you in something or say hi and smile :)

    • but how do I do it naturally

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