Guys-would you date a girl who is a little strange?

I'm not really interested in dating, but I am curious.

many people have told me that I'm







but I've never got the impression that they mean it in a negative connotation.

I don't really understand why I'm odd, but it gets pointed out multiple times a week.

I guess maybe its because I have a wide variety of interests and different thought processes than "normal people"

Guys would you consider dating someone who is a little off-kilter, or would you prefer to stick to normalcy?


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  • Id love to date someone a bit different - maybe not connecting with people who are really all the same means id connect with someone who is a bit different. I'm not the only one who would, I'm sure lots of guys out there are the same way


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  • Jeffery is more oft prone to weirdness than he is normalcy. A woman as such would suit his fancy just fine o.O

    • Lmfao dear. Such a beautiful innocent face with such a caption. And you 'don't really know why you're odd' =P

  • anyone that's not FREAKING WEIRD is great. I love the little quirks about someone, or if they are kinda strange, its exciting and inviting for me to be myself! I just hate it when they are super odd for no reason...there is a healthy difference.

  • I wouldn't mind at all, as long as your not mental crazy then it's all good.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • Normality is overrated.


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  • Ive been told the exact same things, don't worry!

    different is great, same is boring!

    whats the point if everyone had the same intrests and personalities?

    every person is special and odd on his own way, that doesn't mean that what they re saying is bad, to me its actually a compliment!

    so if those people are trying to make you feel bad about yourself all you have to think is that


    my moto is "You laugh because am different, I laugh because you re all the same"

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