Has anyone ever called your boyfriend/girlfriend ugly or said you could do better?

  • yes but I let it go
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  • yes and I beat the shit out of them
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Most Helpful Girl

  • People used to tell me I could do better - it's what you tell the girl in the relationship :p

    Except... as far as guys go, mine is pretty awesome. No one can, in good conscience, tell me I could do better. I've won the boyfriend lotto with him. He's so incredibly good to me and so amazingly smart. He's ambitious and driven, kind and thoughtful, funny and sweet, and just all together a great human being.

    AND he's been a competitive swimmer for the last 16 years of his life so he's not too shabby in the looks department either ;)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, didn't get mad though.

    That's not something I get upset about, it's simply a different opinion


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What Girls Said 2

  • No and that's a rude thing to say. Also, it doesn't matter what other people think, so why say that?

    • can't get it out of my mind its been months

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    • You seem chill. I wish more people in todays society were like you lls.

    • LOL, thank you :)

  • No but people have told him that about me :(

    • He told you that? He shouldn't have let you know that happened.

    • No. I overheard someone else telling him. He did get mad and told me that I shouldn't take that seriously.

What Guys Said 1

  • No, but there was one time it happened and they were absolutely right.

    • why'd you even start going out with her then?

    • The decision to go out with someone is usually an emotional one, not a logical one. She was unhealthy for me, but I didn't see that until later, but others saw it.

    • I feel you

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