Does she even like me or am I being played?

There is this girl I like that i thought likes me too , but I'm not sure now , At first I was attracted to her but not that interested at first. we both go to this group togther that's how we met. She started initiate conversation with me at first she was just asking me about my braclets and where i got them. I started texting her a week later and we ended up texting for an hour. fast forward last week we both saw each other again when we started volunteering and she called out to me she then asked me if I wanted to have lunch with her we ate lunch together and we were going to meet up for group and she texted me and told me she wouldn't be able to meet with her. So now I haven't heard from her i'm not even sure if she's interested or not I'm starting to think she's not.
by the way we're both lesbians and she knows I'm exclusively attracted to women as well. what do I do?


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  • Maybe she put you in the friendzone. You have the option to initiate the conversation or wait for her to text you back


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