Did I make a good decision?

My boyfriend cheated on me while he was drunk. He came to me crying the next day and told me exactly what happened. I was so upset but i needed him to hold me when i cried. So i let him stay with me. He has done nothing but be a complete sweetheart since. I think I have come to terms with it now. But yesterday, I just couldn't take it. So I came to his house and yelled at him and cried. Then we sat on the porch in the pouring rain. He told me to do waht I thought was best for me. I decided that leaving him and staying friends was. When I told him that, he continued to cry but harder. He smiled and said he would do whatever I wanted. Minutes after making my decision and crying together, I decided I wanted to change my mind. I told him that we should start fresh and act like we are starting a brand new relationship. And I told him if it ever happened again, I would leave him in a heartbeat.

Do you think I made a good decision? We had been dating for about a year so you know that night was a mistake because it never happened before that. I didn't want to leave him. I like the idea of starting fresh. I think I'm over it.


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  • Its nice of you to take him back, i guess its a good decision since he has changed and promised you not to do shit like that again. i dont mean to be rude, but he must have some needs that hasn't been for filled when having sex. No man would cheat on a girl that you have good sex with, no matter how fucking drunk you are. I dont mean to be rude, you taking him back is a heroic thing from you. But when shit like that happens its usually time to spice up the sex.

  • If you feel its the right thing to do then do so, he came to you and confessed immediatley and he did not try and convince you to forgive him and instead was willing to except your judgment and that shows that he was sorry for it and he is being genuine about his apologising so I think starting fresh would be good. I will caution you however once you except this situation you have to let this go, he can not spend the rest of his life trying to pay for his one mistake (a big one I know and honestly I don't think I would be so kind) that will only cause resentment and insure you never regain your trust, like picking at a wound it will never heal right but if your willing to let it go and start fresh eventually it will heal and hopefully be better then before. He obviousley values you from what your saying so I say go for it and good luck, I hope it works out.


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