Girls, Does she have feelings and is confused or playing mind games?

If a girl who becomes distant with you after talking for nearly a year out of the blue and is afraid to tell you why. But continuously still wants to text you and snaps you every day. Then tells you she just wants to be friends but sends snaps that you wouldn't send just as friends, then out of anger tells you she's not interested anymore, so I ignore her for a week and she becomes crazy and continuously blows up my phone by text, calling, snapchat, snapchat text, what's app, and then starts to go to my good friend for the reason why I'm not responding and why am I mad. Once at the end of the week I respond to her stating no more mind games and if friends is what you want that's not possible in the most sincere and stern way. After telling her how I feel she still says I'm not interested and is upset that I ignored her and said I can't be friends with her anymore because I have feelings for her. Now she becomes angry and I feel that she's getting revenge by doing the same to me?

Now what does this mean? She still keeps snapping me random stuff about her to me but doesn't get the picture of what I want?

What at should I do? Should I move on or just in the time being worry bout myself and let her come to me?
  • she has feelings and is confused?
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Update: I accidentally was looking through my snap text stories minding my business and I was looking on on our blank convo and phone froze And I had to reset my phone by pressing both buttons on my iPhone but instead it took a screenshot. Immediately she got fired up and said the following " listen seriously get over it and stop being a creep, I don't want you and stop screenshotttin my shit."

Girls: what the hell is this girls problem? Is she trying to get back at me now? How am I a creep?
This all happen within the last two months as well as before we were honestly really good. As when I say good she was dating material for 4-5 years +. This is also long distance too and she is at the age of 22


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  • Steer clear! Bitch be cray!

    • In all seriousness though, I think she's been liking stringing u along and likes to think that she has u there as backup to give her a confidence boost. U shouldn't put up with it at all as she does seem a tad unstable

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