We haven't raked in two weeks?

The guy I'm seeing, we haven't talked to each I the in two weeks. Now he always intiate contact and reach out first, he's pointed it out many time especially lately saying he never heard from me and he always has to start. I haven't heard anything from him now and I'm kind of upset about it at the same time I haven't contacted him either. We still have contact on social media of course. I'm upset about it, should I text him first after all?


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  • You two need to stop playing games. You're both in the wrong. You text/call when you want. You don't force yourself to wait them out.

  • You definitely should, he even told you that he always has to make the move, he probably just wants to see whether you are interested enough to put the effort into reaching him first. Do it, before it's too late..


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