If your SO were a werewolf, would you ask him/her to shave/wax, or would you love him/her for who s/he was?

  • I would *ask* him/her to shave or whatever...
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  • If s/he wouldn't shave I'd probably go my own way eventually...
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  • I wouldn't even ask; I couldn't care less..
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  • *reads the question again* wut?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I probably would have her bite me lol
    And then I'll find a vampire and have him/her bite me as well.

    You think you're hard but are you WEREPYRE HARD?

    • Isn't that supposed to make you explode and die or something?

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    • Walmart parking lots.

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What Girls Said 4

  • No way. That would be cruel to expect someone to go through all that work.

    • I hadn't even thought of it that way... That *would* be *ALOT* of work...

  • First of all how did I start dating a werewolf is my question?

  • i would not date a werewolf.. so.. he will not be my SO

  • Isn't this a plot point of a RDJ/Nicole Kidman movie?

    • I don't think I've seen that one...

What Guys Said 3

  • I don't want to be with no she-wolf their worse then were wolves, way more violent to lol.

  • Which kind of werewolf? Like the old fashion where they in herited the spirit of the wolf? Or the one where they had a belt made of human skin on one side and wolf skin on the other that allowed them to transform? or is it the ones who drank a potion, like in a werewolf cult?(original formula had nightshade) or are we talking about the people who for whatever reason where cursed to take the form of a wolf until they did 100 good deeds? Or are you talking the modern form of a werewolfe where they transform on the full moon? I mean you really need to be specific here, pertainent information.

    • Uhhhhhh... the first one...

    • I might have done some reading on folklore and mythology (just a little bit). I think the real question to be asked however is whether or not having sex with your significant other who is a werewolf is considered bestiality or not? I feel like that should preceed any hygiene and maintenance questions. :D

  • are you talking shaving their whole body or what?


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