Would you lose interest in dating a guy because he spoke badly about his mother and family?

So about two months ago I met a 32 year old guy at a friend's dinner party. We talked online and on the phone quite often. We went on three dates. Then one day he invited me to his home for dinner. He told me that none of the women in his family are fit to be mothers. He ranted about how his sister abondoned her son to travel and whore around, how his mother used to leave the children to go out and party... he said so many horrible things. Right in front of his nephew who he raises! Then he said he expected everyone in his family to do what he says because he knows better. It was all a turn-off for me so I dropped him. I became distant and cool. When he asked why, I told him truthfully. He said I don't like honesty and openness. That I know nothing about his family. I was sitting there thinking it is none of my business what happened with his family. I have only been seeing him for a short time. What he did seemed incredibly disloyal and judgmental. What is to prevent him from trying to control me? I don't need someone who will judge me in my life. I want a lover not a father. Did I over react? Was I wrong to stop seeing him?
  • Yes you did over react. He was just being honest.
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  • No. He was too quick to disclose all this information to you.
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  • Dating a man who doesn't respect and love his mother is a bad idea.
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  • Parents should earn respect and not get it automatically.
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  • I've got a crap mother but I sure as hell wouldn't be berating her in the middle of a date no matter what. That's my bullshit problem and not my date's. NOW, if my date asked me, I would find a more subtle way of saying that I didn't have great parents, to which I have on dates when they would ask about my family which is funny because the girl I'm talking to know has family problems as well. I'm not sure what to vote on so I didn't, but I hope my input to your question sheds some light on the answer to which you seek.


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  • You didn't over react if a girl I was with started talking bad about my mom or dad that's it its over if she talked badly about her parents and her parents were actually nice I'd dump her.


What Girls Said 4

  • No there are some really bad parents out there. I would likely speak badly of my parents too.

    However this was a first date and he threw his emotional baggage into the open way too soon. So, he seems more unstable than anything.

  • I believe there are poor mothers. I don't think that all mothers are good and fit to be moms. However, they are fit to be human beings; and you respect them because they raised you. If you two don't get along you say something like, "We're very different," or, "we've lost touch," or "we don't see eye to eye."

    How a man treats his mother is how he'll treat his wife. So if he bitches about her then he'll bitch about you. If he's rude to her to her face he'll be rude to you.

    My mother and I don't get along - I get it. But she's still my mom.

  • No I wouldn't. His relationship with his family is his business.

  • Actually, I am not certain. I am torn. There are many females who are not cut for motherhood in the exact same way that there are plenty of men who are terrible at raising children. The guy you're talking about may have been honest with you.
    But then again, if I try to put myself into your position, odds are that I'd probably feel the exact same way as you do.


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