I've gone out with this women on a few dates and going to her place close 3rs away I get nervous on starting making out 1st time any advice 4 Sunday?

Im gonna make walker brownies and get nervous on testing waters 2 make out 1st time. While not coming on too strong. She likes to play video games so at some point playing a video game gonna kiss her neck.


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  • Dude, relax. She likes you or she wouldn't have invited you over.

    You don't have to have some grand plan about how you'll kiss her because that will just make things awkward. It won't feel natural. As long as it feels natural, you should be fine.

    • I show afftection through action's so I'm gonna bring flowers from my garden just cause I've enjoyed time with her. So hold her hand go for a walk ask her about how about the game she's developing. I'm a laid back guy so when I'm nervous is when it shows. So should I just ask her about it n then I won't be awkward

    • Stop planning. You're going to make it awkward.

  • Be patient and calm about it.


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