So confused about what I want?

I'm 23. Female. Never been kissed, had sex, or been in a relationship. I'm overweight. Suffer from anxiety, pcos, and depression. I'm on dating sites and people show some interest but as soon as they talk about sex or wanting to hook up, friends with benefits, that emmediatly turns me off. Which I clearly stated in profile I want something serious. I am attracted to guys. Woman I have been attracted to a few too. If a woman, man, trans, etc were to like the same things as I like dating them wouldn't be an issue. I can't seem to find anyone who had a lot in common with me. If we don't have anything in common I just loose interest. I masterbate a lot lol. I've been fine with that. All my friends say I need to get laid but I don't want to give myself to just anyone. I want it to be a long time together. Sexuality I'm confused. I am part of the LGBT community. All my friends are gay ir lesbian. I find 2 guys together a turn on. My favorite tv show couples are guys... some girls. I support it completely. Love is love. I just want someone whose my friend and relationship grows. What's wrong?


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  • In your predicitment. And can't really figure it out. I'm just incredibly horny all the time. It's starting to effect me mentally.


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