Why aren't Hispanic girls more open to dating white guys?

Even though I see and hear Hispanic girls saying that they like white guys, they usually seem to stick to dating Hispanic guys. At my college I only see Hispanic girls with Hispanic guys. I get that they might have more in common, but I'd think they'd be at least a little more open to dating white guys than they are. I see white girls dating black and Hispanic guys, but Hispanic girls just seem to prefer Hispanic guys.
I think a lot of what I've experienced is related to the fact that Hispanic girls think most white guys are racist.


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  • Sometimes, just depends where you live too. Different Hispanic women date any types of guys. Physical appearances don't matter.

    • I think you're right. When there are lot of Hispanic guys around, I think Hispanic girls are more likely to date them exclusively. I live in an area that's about 30% Hispanic, so there's no shortage of options for them here.

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    • I don't have any problem getting dates with white girls, so maybe there's just some way of flirting that puts them off. I don't know... I just think there's something bigger there, and I think it's that Hispanic girls think that white guys are racist. There's a war going on over illegal immigration, and a lot of Hispanic people in general think that white people are racist for opposing it. I've heard Hispanic girls in class discussions talking about how white people were racist because they allowed white immigration but won't allow Hispanic immigration. She's way off base, but things like that lead me to believe that Hispanic girls largely distrust white guys. It breaks my heart, too, because I'm most attracted to Hispanic girls and would love to have a Latin girlfriend/wife one day.

    • You can try to get a Hispanic girl , but think positive. They will fall for you soon. Try to male friends with them and get to know some of them when going into a relationship. It will be steady and you will need time, so don't rush it.

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  • People tend to date within their race. But a Hispanic women and a white man is not rarity.





    Let's not forget there are plenty of wonderful women of different races.

    • Oops the second one is the wrong diagram

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    • I've seen many Hispanic women with white men.
      Plus you are narrowing the chance of meeting a good women by only going after Hispanics.

    • I don't limit myself to Hispanic girls, it's just that that's who attracts me. I'm into dark-haired Latin girls. I like Italian girls just as much as Hispanic girls.

  • As hispanic girl I have never dated a hispanic guy

    I dated an European guy (my first bf) and the last guy was white/American.

    The thing is that even both had similarities non of them were romantic or had little gestures and I was disappointed.

    But to be honest I prefer and I have dated people from different cultures, I find it refreshing.


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