Im not allowed to be with my boyfriend? Do you think he'll cheat?

Well me and my boyfriend really love eachother. However my mom HATES him. We were sexting. Which was my idea. He didn't pressure me to do anything and if i didn't want to do something he was perfectly cool with it. My boyfriend loves me and he could tell I got jeaulous when he talked to his friends that were girls. So he quit talking to them. Just for me. Weve been together for a very long time now and we really want to stay together for a longer time. But he's now going to his first year of highschool which makes me nervous. Im in 8th but I should be in 9th. I just started school later then i should have. So he and I are not allowed to see eachother. In fact my mom doesn't know were still dating. He plans to come to the school dances and stuff so we can see eachother. My boyfriend told me when he goes to highschool he's just gonna ignore everyone. And he won't talk to other girls because the only girl he needs is me. But im just nervous. Is he gonna cheat on me? I mean there's homecoming and stuff doesn't he want to go with a girl who actually goes to his school? My boyfriend promised he'll never cheat or break up with me but I don't know. there's just so many more oppertunities if he dates a girl he can see everyday. But he said he prefers me over any other girl in the world. But should I believe him? I like him for his personality. he's really sweet and what not. I've never felt this way about a guy before. But he doesn't have the best looks according to like all my friends. Everyone thinks he's ugly or whatever. But I dont. So its not like everyones gonna follow him around. But they could get to know him and like him because of his personality like I do. I had a problem with his ex girlfriends friend Sending him messages about why she likes him but I got mad and he blocked her. And never talked to her again. But I read something where EVERY guy/girl cheats on his guy/girlfriend in high school which is making me quite nervous! Do you think he'll cheat on me?


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  • If he is a good guy he shouldn't cheat. But if he finds someone he wants to be with more than you he should be a man and tell you about it. Most middle school relationships don't last. Yours may but odds are against it.

    • Well we have already been together for a year. Most middle school relationships don't even last that long so ours clearly is not a typical middl school relationship. And next year we will both be in high school anyway.

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  • I think the only reason why he would cheat is because you're going to push him away. If he's your boyfriend you should trust him, so therefore you should let him talk to other girls as friends & you shouldn't have a problem with that. Unless you're insecure & jealous. If you are then I don't think you're ready for a relationship. When a boy can see that you don't trust him, it pushes him away. I've seen this happen many times before.

    • He's cheated before. Which is why I get jeaulous or whatever. But forgave him. But I tell him he can still talk to his friends that are girls but he tells me that he's still not going to. As he's scared he's gonna make the same mistake he did before.

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    • Break up with him

    • He did it to make me jeaulous it was one kiss. I got mad at him and didn't talk to him for a month but that whole time he just kept trying to get me back and he wouldn't stop. He cried on my shoulder because he knew he had made a huge mistake and finally after a month I took him back.

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  • He has cheated before, what if he does again?


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