Guys, What should I do?

So i was talking to this guy on facebook. I've known him fof quite a few years and recently we started talking and we would joke about 'kinky' stuff. We would be playing truth or dare and he would say "would you fuck me" and i said no because i don't wanna seem desperate and then we kind if drifted apart. I still really like him and i wanna ask him out and he knows that i like him but when we were talking he always acted like we weren't in school. And my friends went on my phone and asked him out for me but i chickened out and said that it was them and he never answered. Please guys could you tell me if i should ask him out or just leave it? Or should i leave it until i go back to school next week?


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  • Ask him out

    • Seriously? But what if he says no and tells all of his friends.

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    • You can if you want but remember the longer the cats 8n the box the greater chance it dies so let it out and see what happens

    • Ok i'll let you know how it goes..

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