Logs in and off facebook but hasn't seen my text... Ignoring?

A little backstory: we met a couple of months ago and hit it off really well. We were both studying in Slovenia at the time. We had a marvellous three weeks until we had to head back home, in Portugal (hers is Slovakia). It was devastating for both. So I visited her two weeks later for 10 days. Really good. She had already planned a trip to Portugal with a friend before we met but changed the course to Lisbon (in mid-September) afterwards. We're trying to work out long distance.

For the past few days she's been really inactive when it comes to answering me. She took 20 hours to respond even though she was online many times but hadn't "seen" my message. I was finally able to have a Skype call and told her in a very friendly way that it wasn't cool. She then told me we would talk more often. Then the same thing happened, waited 20 hours to respond and only with something small. I promised myself that if she didn't text me for two days I'd call it off. Today's the day and I have sent her a voice message. She has been on and off multiple times today but hasn't "seen" it. Perhaps she's playing the game again. Little does she know I have no more patience for her games and everything will be over soon. I'm sad with the situation but I was getting too frustrated with all this. I'm still waiting for the reply. Funny thing is that she is always texting people. That's what bothered me the most sometimes. I'm hoping she fights back once she sees the message, but if not... Oh well it wasn't meant to be. We really like each other (at least she did until 10 days ago) but we're very different and don't match up well. I thought I could make it at least until she comes in mid September.

It was basically an ultimatum. Either she tries harder or everything is over. Do you think I acted too fast? I mean, I had been nice and even skyped with her about it but she kept being the same. I hate being frustrated. I don't mind chasing a girl when we first meet, but not when we're both supposed to make an effort.

Sorry for the long post


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  • Talk to her and solve the situation.


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