How do you approach a guy you like?

GIrls, how do you approach a guy you like? how do you get close with him and how to you succed to exit the friendzone?

P. S. I have never spoken to him and he goes in my class.


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  • Just walk up to him during a spare or lunch if you have one at the same time and make sure not a bunch of his friends are around. Then just casually start a convo. And be really outgoing and fun! After a few weeks of that, ask for his number!!! It works!!!


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  • hello, im_____ how was your summer? is a good place to start


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  • This one time, the guy that I was like was whining too much about not getting a worksheet.

    I got annoyed because I thought he was directing his anger towards me, since I had the last worksheet.

    Anyway! So I just stood up, walked in front of the class, made my way over to his table, pulled a chair, sat down, and gave him the worksheet.

    He said he needed a different one.


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