Does my ex girlfriend still want me?

We've been fighting a lot the past few months, lately she started ignoring me & spending more time with this other guy. About a week and a half ago they posted their relationship on Facebook, even staying at his house. When I texted her about it she goes "hits where it hurts".

What's weird is earlier this week when we saw each other I was trying different things. Like, while she was lying down I'd be brushing her face and head or giving her forehead kisses. Other times I'd be telling her she looked sexy & grabbing her ass or hug her and kiss her on the forehead. A couple times I kissed her on the lips.

The thing is she knew I knew she had a new guy, and NOT ONCE did she back off, go "I have a boyfriend", or even mention him. Before she left she goes, "I've gotta run, give me a kiss" and we kissed on the lips.

I said we should f*ck, she would say she was on her period, or other exuses, but she never said "no", or brought up her boyfriend.

Thing is, half the time we were still arguing, and she would criticize me, By arguing I mean I calmly ask her what's wrong, and she tells me "you don't understand what I'm going through", but won't have a conversation or explain. She just criticized everything I was doing.

She did random stuff like telling me I smelled because I didn't put on deoderant, getting mad because she wanted Pepsi & I wouldn't run to the store to get it, or criticizing my driving saying it scared her (that one is normal though, everyone does lol).

Then I met my downstairs neighbor, the 3 of us stopped to talk. He sat on the stairs, I was sitting on the window, and she criticizes me for sitting so close to him, neither of us care.

I was saying stuff like, "isn't she beautiful?", and she'd get mad going, "I look good with my makeup and eyelashes, but not right now, why would you say that?" angrily, I go, "because you're beautiful" and she angrily goes, "thank you!".

There was more. That's just some examples. I'm trying to understand what's going through her mind.


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  • she is trying to push her feelings for you away and going out with other people. For the anger part she sounds like she is insecure and maybe she has some past emotional scars she is trying to heal from

  • She has a boyfriend then goes back to you. There's a problem, are you guys getting use?

    • She wanted to stay "friends" and was hanging out with us, was criticizing me a lot, but even when I wouldn't give her anything it was like we were still together, and she never brought him up once, or tried pushing me away.

    • She is using you guys. She is repeating the whole story again and you guys are going to end up bad again. Lesson never hurts?

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