Should I attempt to "define the relationship"?

This guy and I began our "relationship" teasing that it would be friends with benefits (I actually tried to label as such, he did not want to label and said "I bet there's more") as it was/is rebounds after divorce for both of us. Fast forward 2.5 months, we talk every day, often for hours each day, we see each other when he's in my state and I'm going to see him In his state soon but we've still not defined what we "are". We discuss future plans and things we'd like to do together, talk about meeting each other's families and kids but we NEVER discuss how we feel about each other. I'm starting to develop feelings and I just wonder if he is too. I'm ok with what we have now but I find myself having insecure moments because I'm not sure he feels the same. I'm not seeing anyone else and I don't think he is (when would he have time? He's always on the phone with me, LOL!). We have been sexual but it's clearly a small part of what we have between us. So, should I ask him about his feelings, which will invariably be viewed as trying to DTR or just wait a bit longer and see what happens naturally?


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  • I would say tell him how you feel about him and your relationship, and let him reciprocate, if he's ready. I wouldn't ask him how he feels, he'll tell you when he's ready, or perhaps you can put it in such a way where you are asking for his thoughts on your feelings towards him.


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