Girlfriend got a nose ring?

So a little background info:

My girlfriend asked me about a month ago on my opinion about facial piercings... I flat out told her I don't like them, it's just my preference

so today she got her nose pierced (just a stud) and I'm torn... I fully understand she has every right to change her body any way she sees fit, having said that part of me is upset that my opinion clearly doesn't matter as much as I thought.

having seen her with it my opinion hasn't changed... I still don't like it at all, it just takes away from the natural beauty of her face. But don't get me wrong... I don't love her any less I'd just prefer her without it.

So am I over reacting? Should I just learn to live with it? Has anyone had a similar situation?


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  • I mean, it is your preference. I guess she asked to gauge your response to it, because it seems she's been wanting it for a while. I mean, it is her body and her right. But I do understand what you mean.

    An ex asked me about tattoos. I told him one or so isn't bad, they can look good if done well. He asked me about full back tats and I told him I'm not as into those. He ended up getting a poorly done full back tattoo... I really didn't like it. The one on his arm however looks really good.

    • Thank you for MHO! :)

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  • Yep.
    Comes Free with Kellogg's Cornflake.
    You ain't dating that slice of her in that particular time and place.
    You're dating everything of her.

    If you wanna... well... shit this is a horrible idea but holding it in is equally bad.
    If you wanna... tell her once again maybe and just let it be know and let it to rest?


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  • Just let her be ik you might not like it becuz it's not something you don't find attractive but just don't like let it get to you that much alroght? She's still the girl you love and that's what matters

  • It is just a little piece of jewellery that she will probably let grow over someday... just move on. You'll get used to it. My boyfriend wasn't thrilled about mine either and now he is just indifferent to it


What Guys Said 1

  • I personally don't like them either so just try to ignore it.


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