I have a crush on a guy who gives me mixed signals, and I'm not sure if he likes me or not. Please help?

There's a guy I went to a band camp with for two weeks, and he seemed to really like me (flirting with me, staring at me, helping me, asking for my Skype, etc). We texted for months, but then one day he randomly stopped. H didn't post anything else to his social media either. We both went to the sae band camp again, but this time he didn't talk to me, and the one time I did talk to him I embarassed myself completely. He kept looking at me, like he wanted to talk, but didn't. He seems quite shy also. We started to text again (not personal at all), and he started to post to his social media again. I saw him in person today (he was in a concert and I was in the bleachers high up) and I could see him staring in my direction. or I might just be seeing things. But I need help!
Also I forgot to say that he's two grades above me (always either 1-2 years older) but it never seemed to affect our relationship.
Also, this is how our last Skype conversation went:

Me: sup
Him: Nothing
Me: cool so sup
Him: I already said nothing
Me: I know I was just kidding
Me: So how's life
Him: chill
Me: cool

It's the saddest thing you will ever see.


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  • Maybe start making conversation with him but you seem shy so that can be the
    problem really hard to say , your both young that can have lot to do with it too,

    • I think you're right, thanks for the tip :D

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    • Thank you for MHO :) :D

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  • He certantly likes you and is giving you the "missing me" part.


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  • I think that he likes you but is shy. I would talk to him and get to know him better. Good luck =]

    • Thanks :D I hope he does. I'm just worried that he'll be embarrassed to talk to me because I'm starting middle school and he's starting high school. But I will try your tip!

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